This group is for ANYONE 18 years and older who wishes to improve their swimming ability for recreational, fitness or competitive purposes. Our coach adapts each workout to the ability of the swimmer in order to improve technique and efficiency and build endurance.

Workouts are coached by Kalamazoo native and former University of Texas swimmer, Brie Powers, and last 60 to 90 minutes.


ON-HOLD Tuesday: 5:00-6:00am (Maple Street YMCA)
Thursday: 5:00-6:00am (Maple Street YMCA)
Friday: 5:00-6:00am (Maple Street YMCA)
Saturday 7:30-9:00am (Plainwell High School)
Sunday 3:45-4:45pm (Maple Street YMCA)

Full-time membership fees are $150 ($50/month) paid in full for early bird registration (by midnight March 17, 2019) or $180 ($60/month) paid in full starting March 18, 2019.

We are once again offering a one-time per week membership. One-time per week membership will give a swimmer access to practice one day each week for a session fee of $100 ($33.33/mo).

We know that everyone can’t make morning practices. So, as an added benefit to all registered members (Full and 1-Day), Coach Brie will be emailing written practices each week to support your lap-swim workouts during the bridge session.

If you are looking for evening lap-swim opportunities, Plainwell High School has evening lap-swim on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-8pm. Swimmers can purchase a 10-visit pass for $18 directly from the lifeguard. For more information visit:

Questions? Please contact us at:


Be sure to sign up for text notifications for practice locations changes and more!

For any changes in the workout schedule swimmers will be notified via Facebook Group Page and Group me application. If you are not currently on the Group me app send a text to Scott Doherty at 269.352.8473 and request being added to the Group.  You MUST respond to the invitation when invited and downloading the app is highly recommended (free app can be found here).


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An annual membership with United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is required. A 30-day trial membership is available.

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1) Go to the USMS registration page. Click "Join"or "Renew" and follow the  registration prompts.

2) Under the Affiliations tab, you must indicate a chapter of USMS.

To join Kalamazoo Masters please indicate:

Local Masters Swim Club (LMSC): Select Michigan (MICH)

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